Sales Scripts & Objection Handling Guides
The exact sales scripts and objection handling methods my private clients and I use to get a 95% success rate on sales calls
That's right - 95%
How much of a difference would it make to you to go from 1 in 4 clients signing up with you… to 3 in 4 clients signing up with you? 
If your average client is worth £1000, you’d go from making £1000 for every four sales calls, to £3000 for every four sales calls. 
No extra work… but definitely extra £££! 
Every day I hear from people who were sold the FB ads 6 figure dream... and who are now finding it difficult to actually create it for themselves. 
An email from someone who is frustrated about the feast/ famine sales cycle of their business. 
A Facebook message from someone who just wants to stop working late at night on their laptop... but they can't because they don't know where their next client is coming from.
And the #1 biggest problem that people tell me about?
That when they do get those amazing, soul-driven clients on the phone, the conversation goes well. Until they have to ask for the sale. Or until an objection gets raised.
I often hear;
"But Jess, the conversation was going so well until they said "I can't afford it/ I need to talk to my spouse/ I need to have a think about it/ consult the moon, stars, dog"

The thing is, sales calls don't have to be difficult. They should be fun. They should provide service to the client. They should give you an opportunity to choose whether or not that potential client is a good fit for YOU, whilst providing value to THEM.
And most importantly? 
They should be successful.
And that's where I come in. 
You see, I'm SO committed to your success that I want to offer you something super special that the pros just don't hand out everyday.
The exact Sales Scripts and Objection Handling Guides that I use in my business to get a 95% success rate on sales calls. 
That's right.
95% success rate.
  • ​Imagine how your business would look if you had a 95% success rate on sales calls?
  • ​Imagine how it would feel to be able to enjoy your sales calls? To feel like they are easy. To take away that sleazy feeling every time you have to tell someone how much your service costs?
  • ​Imagine running your sales calls in a way that meant the client asked YOU how they could pay you - without that awkward... "Well would you like me to tell you about the investment?" moment?
I want to give you these scripts and objection handling guides of mine; the ones that I use in my business to close 95% of sales calls successfully, the scripts and objection handling guides that I give to my private 1:1 clients to raise their sales call success rates to above 80% for a ridiculous one-time price.
Because you're an action taker. And because you're committed to success.
Now these scripts were developed in my corporate sales career. They've helped corporate consultancies, luxury fashion brands, service based entrepreneurs, consultants and coaches to raise their sales call success rates.
They've been responsible for taking sales call close rates from 8% to over 80%.
They've helped people feel confident about having a sales conversation that isn't sleazy, that flows with ease and that ultimately, helps the salesperson get the client that they want to say YES!
And they're valued at over £147
But because you're an action taker I'm offering them to you at the total crazypants price of just £50
And because I want to give you even more, I'm also throwing in FREE bonus video trainings - so that you can walk away with the scripts and the video trainings to make sure that not only can you close the sales call, but that you can get some super special sales call techniques too!
All for just £50!
All I ask, is that you buy them, use them and enjoy the results! 
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