Have you ever heard the phrase, 'the money is in your list'? 
There are a ton of people out there saying it... so it MUST be true right?

If you're a coach, consultant or online based business owner in ANY industry then a list is absolutely integral to the growth of your business - and I'm here to explain why.

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Diana Safieh - The Beauty Of Our Dreams

Let's look at where you might be RIGHT NOW.
You've got a message that you're ready to share with the world. You know you can change lives and get huge results... but you're really struggling to generate premium clients consistently.

You're struggling to find new leads. You're spending ALL day in a bunch of Facebook groups trying to get your voice heard above the crowd and in front of your ideal client... but they're just not seeing it.

You wish that there was an easier way of communicating with them. A way that you could build relationships (at the same time as building your bank balance)
Well good news. You CAN. 
And that way of doing things? It's called building and monetising your list. And today, I'm going to share the Top 10 Reasons that you MUST grow your list to build a successful, sustainable business.
1.  Your list positions YOU as the authority. 
And your audience? They LOVE it when they get value, when they see you as the expert - and they love learning from a leader. Growing and nurturing your list means that you grow a following of people who see you as being the expert in your industry - and in being that expert, they trust you (and buy from you!)

2.  These aren't random people you just met. 
They're people that signed up because they LIKE you. That means that you're not convincing them that you're the bees knees - they already know. And they're just waiting for you to offer them something to buy!

3.  You can build relationships much easier by email. 
No censorship. No rules on what / when / how you have to do things. Email shows your audience the REAL you. And that's what they want.

4.  Emails have a long term life span. 
Think about it. Facebook algorithms determine how many people see your post - based on whether it's liked, shared or commented on straightaway... that doesn't happen with email lists. You're in their inbox to stay... and I don't know about you - but my emails are where I pay attention... not my newsfeed.

5.  Metrics... Oh I LOVE me some numbers. 
And the great thing about an email list is that your efforts are actually MEASURABLE. You can see what works, what sucks and you can change it up to tweak it and make it work for you. The fact that you can check open rates, click rates and get real time feedback from your audience? Well you can't do that posting in fifteen thousand groups.

6.  When was the last time you saw a key influencer in your industry touting for business in a group? 
Honestly - when? Not often - if EVER. But how many key influencers have email lists? How many of them nurture it regularly? Why? BECAUSE IT WORKS. YES - you can have a business without an email list but that's actually a really dangerous place to be because...

7.  What if social media platforms go down and you lose your tribe? 
Not only that - but all that content you created? GONE. In the last twelve months, people have been hugely affected by algorithms - and that could affect you too. If your social media accounts disappeared... where would your audience go? You'd have to rebuild it ALL. Email lists are safe, sustainable and successful.

8.  It's actually way easier to build your email list than it is to get a ton of people to like your social media pages. 
Work smarter not harder your philosophy? Great. Get an email list.

9.  More numbers. 
Conversion - sales conversion is over 250% higher from your email list than any other space. Not to mention that with an engaged email list, you can also expect up to 75% more traffic... so that's 75% more people on your website, checking out your sales pages... recommending you to others... I LOVE that. Don't you?

10.  List Building is key for growing your influence. 
Think about tele summits, publishers, bloggers and podcasters - they want you to have a big, engaged list... bigger list = bigger brand awareness and bigger PR opportunities = more sales!!
You see, your list is not just a group of people that want to hear from you every so often. It's a group of active and engaged people who actually want MORE info from you. 

More connection with you... and it's a proven statistic that an engaged list = more sales.
Now maybe you've tried list building before... Maybe you’ve given some free list building challenges a go or had a quick google about how list building really works... but they just don't give you the results that you need. Your list looks like Blockbuster right now. Old. Tired. And maybe completely redundant.
Just over two years ago, I made the decision to delete my ENTIRE list. It was over 4000 people strong. But they weren't engaged, they weren't interested and they weren't buying. Within a week of deleting that list... I had over 6000 people sign up to my new list.
Engaged. Excited and ready to become raving fans.
It could be that easy for you too.
Just download my List Building Legend course and watch as your list grows with engaged, ideal clients. It's where I'll be sharing the exact same strategy that I used to take my list from 0 - 6500 in a week!
Remember, if you don't have a list - you really don't have a business. 

The success of your business really DOES depend on the quality of your list. So if it's non-existent, non-responsive and non-idea - then you're NOT going to be able to build a business outside of those Facebook groups that are taking up all of your time. 

You're going to be forever chasing down new clients... not filling brand new programmes in days - with engaged, ideal email list clients!

That's right. No more long PDFS or a ton of emails to go through. Just four easily actionable videos that give you the blow by blow of building YOUR list with ease.

Access to my very own checklist, planners and schedulers - the EXACT ones that I use every day to keep my list growing. 
These are done for you - so that you don't have to figure out what works!

The EXACT opt-in (and the creation sequence) that I used to get 1800 sign-ups in 24 HOURS. 

Not days. HOURS.
And the investment?
The value contained in this module is stuff that I've been teaching 1:1 for the last 2.5 years to my clients for over $7000.  And I usually sell it for £147.
But I'm offering this course at just £50.
I want EVERYONE to build an engaged email list with ease. Price should NOT be a barrier. Just click the link below and get yourself signed up today!
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