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EVOLVE is the business programme for entrepreneurs who are looking to scale to six figures and beyond.
If you are looking to build a balanced business that establishes you as the thought leader in your industry and allows you to have the true life you want to live... Look no further.
EVOLVE combines 121 coaching with an innovative, university style, curriculum to help you achieve the best results in your own way.
So if you're done with feeling like you're closer to 'cookie cutter' than you are to credible (and profitable) expert... now is the time to join EVOLVE.
EVOLVE has been designed as a 'university' system to help you become the independent CEO that you want to be - with the safety of proven strategy and guidance along the way.

It will extend over 12 months - because that's the time frame that is going to be fundamental to ensure long term success - and not short-lived internet fame - and will give you time to test, tweak and continue to grow whilst in a supportive, strategic community.

On a practical level, EVOLVE is divided into three parts - all playing a vital role in your success;
A Solid Curriculum
A curriculum helping you; build a balanced business, strategically develop your thought ownership - and become the thought leader that you want to be, make more money with less work.

No more aimlessly doing #AllTheThings... and instead working to your own tune and generating the best results for YOU. You'll focus on one area per quarter to help you focus and build your revenue each quarter with ease.
121 Guidance
You can't get the best results without having some bespoke guidance! EVOLVE is designed to be a university experience - and it's about me helping you become the best business owner you can be - whilst still retaining control over your learning experience and development. 

That's why EVOLVE will give you a quarterly review with me to help you set your bespoke 90 day strategy, alongside monthly 'Office Hours' where you can book private 15 minute calls if you want and need extra support. These office hour calls aren't compulsory - but they're there when you feel you need additional support through transitioning business times.
In the last five years, I've run highly successful masterminds with participants being able to break the six, multi-6 and even 7 figure barriers. 

Those who've been super successful have been part of pivotal mastermind communities - and EVOLVE is no different. EVOLVE will be filled with business owners who are specifically looking to achieve a 6 and multi 6 figure revenue. This means that you'll be in a community of people who will be at your level; and in some cases, much further ahead. 

This benefits your networks, helps to provide inspiration and helps you learn not only from me, but also from other ambitious business owners on the journey. Jim Rohn said that 'You're the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with'... and whilst I think it's an overused quote in the online space... 

I also 100% believe in the power of surrounding yourself with top performers. The energy shifts, the breakthroughs and being able to add value and be supported by your true peer group is powerful - and EVOLVE will provide a private Facebook community for the members of both EVOLVE tiers.
What are people saying about Evolve ...

My reason to join Evolve was to earn above 100K a year. I am pleased to say that I am on course (and probably ahead) to achieve this. Evolve has become part of my daily ritual. I follow the curriculum and I strategically plan my 1 to 1 and my questions at the GSD. Jessica has made me realised that less is more. I have reviewed how I write my business proposal and how I close a sales conversation. 

As a result of this, I have earned 15K worth of contract so far. Two big organisations have been in touch with me to explore how to work with me. What I love about Evolve is that Jessica gives you thorough feedback and new ideas. Jessica makes you look at everything with a new pair of eyes. She is genuinely interested in my business and knows about it. Evolve has been a great investment for expanding my business. I now have the tools to achieve what I thought was impossible. Thank you Jessica :)  

Nadine Powrie - Executive and Leadership Coach

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