5K Roadmap
The super simple, five step method to creating 5K months.
What difference would it make...
- To be able to generate 5K each month in revenue?
- To consistently predict your income... without sleazy sales strategies.
- To have the exact steps and roadmap to creating 5K months every month. No fuss. No drama. No endless posting on social media. Just simple strategies that work.
Ready to hit your first 5K month?
Every day I hear from people who were sold the FB ads 6 figure dream... and who are now finding it difficult to actually create it for themselves. 
An email from someone who is frustrated about the feast/ famine sales cycle of their business. 
A Facebook message from someone who just wants to stop working late at night on their laptop... but they can't because they don't know where their next client is coming from.
People who are stuck trying to hit their first 5K month... who know that it's possible... but can't figure out how to do it consistently.
But what makes hitting a 5K month so challenging?
The bad advice that goes into creating your first 5K month... and those thereafter.
I often hear;
"But Jess, I've done everything I was supposed to...why isn't it working?"

And these people have. 
They've posted every day on social media.
They're consistently creating content.
They're doing all of the busy work... 
They should be making 5K months with ease. But they're not.
And that's where I come in. 
You see, I'm tired of watching entrepreneurs struggle.
And I'm tired of watching them buy expensive courses to create their first 5K month. Courses that ultimately teach them a 'magic' method - that isn't tailored to their sales style, personality or use methods that are in date!

That's why I've launched the 5K Roadmap; a revolutionary course that has been designed to focus you on independent learning, clear implementation and gets you the results that you want.
So what does the 5K Roadmap do?
  • ​Imagine waking up each morning with a clear sales plan, where you knew every action would lead to a positive result.
  • ​Imagine how it would feel to be able to have complete confidence in creating, packaging and selling your offers... without feeling sleazy or awkward.
  • ​Imagine having short sales calls where your customer simply says; "I just want to know if you think I'm the right fit... because I'm already all in". 
  • ​The 5K Roadmap will teach you how to create all that - and more.
  • ​You'll be able to create and sell-out offers immediately - even if you don't have a huge audience
  • ​You'll feel confident, clear and love to sell to your audience.
  • ​Most importantly, you'll be able to easily and simply create 5K months - even if you never have before - and you'll be able to do it consistently, in the way that works best for you.
You see, the 5K Roadmap isn't just a course.
It's a roadmap to help you choose the very best strategies that will work best for you; depending on your personality, your sales style and how much time you have to dedicate to creating the results you want.

Inside the 5K Roadmap, you get all of the steps that it takes to create your first (and future!) 5 months.
Clarity. Messaging. Offers. Sales. Automation.
All that for just £147 + VAT
That means that for just £147 + VAT, you're going to be;

- Getting complete clarity on your ideal clients; who they are, where they are and most importantly, what and when they'll buy from you.
- The copywriting skills you need to craft a message that makes them want to buy immediately... and the ability to turn your words into a cash creating messaging that converts prospects into clients.
- Able to create offers that solve the clients problem in the easiest and quickest way... and that they want to pay premium prices for.
- Learning and implementing the real sales techniques you need to easily sell your offers; no convincing, no need for hundreds of bonuses, no sleazy techniques. Just simple sales strategies that work.
- The systems and processes you need to have in your business to create consistent 5K months without overwhelm, burnout or endless work...
- Not to mention the live sprints, live Q&A sessions and support that you'll be getting directly from me to help you get results even faster!
All for less than £200!
Why such a low price?

Honestly? I'm spending the majority of my time working in close quarters with my masterminders and inside my high level programmes. And I'm tired of seeing amazing online business owners struggle to hit their first 5K or spending tons of money on courses that don't work. 
Selfishly, I'd rather give you the very best strategies to get you to making £5K months with ease... and then see you in my high level mastermind/ programmes where I can help you get even better results.

This is the best way of me helping to create a generation of sales-savvy entrepreneurs who genuinely get the financial freedom that they deserve. 
"But Jess - what is this programme? I know what it'll help me do... but how is it going to be run?"

Great question! And the answer is super simple.

The course is a group programme. It is in a sprint format, designed to get people taking action and implementing as quickly as possible. The sprint will last for 6 weeks with a private Facebook community and two live Q&A calls for support. If you buy into this round, you get access to all other sprints free of charge for as long as the course should exist in this format - meaning that you'd be eligible for support on Q&A calls and in the private Facebook community each time a sprint runs. Those are currently planned to be three times per year. Now this means that when you purchase the 5K Roadmap, you get access to a course that runs regularly each year and that you're welcome to attend all sprint sessions, Q&A calls and get lifetime updates to the material - with no extra cost.

"And Jess, what kind of learning commitment do I need to make to get the best results from the programme?"

As we all know, the more time you put into achieving a goal - the quicker you'll get there. But in terms of the 5K Roadmap, the best advice I can give you is to set two hours per week for implementation. That'll help you hit your goals - and keep you super focused on sales activities without taking time away from your client delivery.

"Am I guaranteed to get results?"

No-one can guarantee you specific financial results - and if they do? RUN. What I can say, is that the course you're purchasing has the very best sales content and strategies included to help you generate 5K per month. If you put yourself to work and take the actions required, then you give yourself the best chance for success. If you purchase the course and don't do the work... well unfortunately, courses don't work via osmosis. So if you buy it and do nothing - results won't happen.

"What kind of support can I expect from you Jess?"

I'll be in the private Facebook group each week, on live Q&A calls throughout the course and being there 100% during each sprint to support my students. I take my role as coach and hostess seriously... so you will be supported both by me and the other participants throughout the course.

Any other questions? Email me: Jessica@JessicaLorimer.com and I'll be happy to answer honestly and transparently so that you can make the best decision for you. But hurry. Doors really are only open until Sunday October 6th 2019.

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